Care Management for the Elderly and/or Disabled

beach-wheelchair-tourCaring Steps optimizes the process of identifying, accepting and responding to the changing needs of the elderly and/or disabled, both for the individuals, and for those who care about them.

Seeing these changing needs with clear eyes can be difficult if we ourselves are the one who is changing, or if there is a reversal of roles, so that we find ourselves called to take care of someone who, not so long ago, took care of us. Concerns about safety and concerns about quality of life can sometimes seem at odds with each other, and the optimal balance between the two is often a moving target. Even reasonable and loving people can disagree while they struggle to identify needs, implement plans, and communicate information. Additionally, identifying and accessing appropriate resources and services can become complex and difficult. An experienced professional who is dedicated solely to helping you identify and achieve your goals at each step of the way can make all the difference when it comes to maximizing an individuals quality of life.

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Cheyenne McCarter,LICSW

Caring Steps is the private practice of Cheyenne G. McCarter, LICSW, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. For over twenty years she has been committed to serving elderly and/or disabled clients, their families, and others who care for them. Her expertise spans the full range of environments and institutions that are encountered. She is dedicated to helping her clients, their families and others work together to achieve the best possible quality of life under the ever-changing conditions associated with aging and/or living with disabilities.