Care Management

images_083Care management and advocacy services include assistance in identifying, accessing, monitoring and coordinating community and institutional resources to insure delivery of optimal services. Over the years institutionally driven budget and productivity pressures have increasingly eroded the thoroughness of services received by elders, the disabled, and those who are involved in their care. Hospitals and governmental agencies are often understaffed and underfunded. Insurers feel driven to protect their financial resources in the face of rising costs. These institutions end up erecting barriers to the very services they were created to provide. Cheyenne brings a very distinctive level of active, effective advocacy in the pursuit of what is best for her clients.

Care Management may include one, or some combination, of the following:

  • Assistance in identifying resources that will allow the individual to live with an optimal combination of safety, independence, and richness of experience.
  • Assistance in obtaining home health care or other in-home assistance including, but not limited to, nursing and rehab services.
  • Communication and coordination of services with health insurance companies.
  • Coordination and monitoring of care for clients whose families live at a distance.
  • Oversight, monitoring, and evaluation of needs, and the quality of care received for clients residing in skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, assisted living, and group homes; medical record review and coordination of care with physicians, facility staff, and identified concerned others.