Personalized Videos

Sharing Stories:

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The creation of a personal video can be a profound experience. In the process of telling one’s stories from photo albums,  interviews, and other documents, individuals and their loved ones can discover and create new richness from the past and from the present

Living Wills:

A Living Will is not a legal document.

It’s a formal name for documenting in writing, or on   film,  what values, traditions, and beliefs one wants future generations to know were important to them. There can be as much or as little accompanying explanation as to how the individual came to decide on what they put in their living will. For example; were there particular people and/or experiences that influenced them.






Spin a Yarn,Weave a Life 

Cheyenne McCarter and Catherine Tutter have developed an award winning program called Spin A Yarn, Weave a Life.  This process offers the  creation of  a personal movie amongst many other features.  Caring Steps clients  receive special  consideration to  participate in Spin a Yarn, Weave a Life. To learn more go to