Psychosocial Services

These services include assistance with assessing, monitoring and meeting social and psychological needs. Some of the lifestyle changes associated with the advancement of mature aging and/or chronic illness can be difficult to adjust to for any number of reasons. Unpredictable periods of heightened uncertainty can become wearing and discouraging. This can be true for caregivers as well as for those giving care. Careful attention to an individual’s psychological and social strengths and needs can significantly add to their quality of life.

Evidence Based Treatment : images_105

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy offers clients an array of tools and resources with which to fine tune their awareness of their self defeating thoughts, and, establish healthier thought habits.

Positive Psychology is a growing field based in research from neuroscience providing strategies for enhancing happiness, motivation, and other positive states of mind.

Home Based Supportive Counseling :


  • Helps in managing symptoms associated with loss, depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment. These symptoms may include insomnia, disorganization, and persistent rumination about worries.
  • Helps in balancing safety issues with the need to maintain a high quality of life. Assistance both in assessing safety issues and in helping people adjust to changes needed in order to maintain safety.
  • Facilitates communication among family members and concerned others.